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Aven Shavale

The music is in their blood! Different styles are combined to produce a homogeneous and distinctive whole – in their case acoustic, jazzy traditions from the Balkans. The result is a kaleidoscopic and energetic performance, vivid and unrestrained good-time music…

  1.  Hora jazz
  2.  Aven Shavale
  3.  Bolgáros
  4.  Ederlezi
  5.  Mahala
  6.  Moldáviai cimbalmos
  7.  Romnya lel muro shavo
  8.  Erev shel shoshanin
  9.  Zavaros a Nyárád
  10.  Saxy hora&sirba
  11.  Cimbalom improvizáció
    FolkEurópa Kiadó, 2007

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