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Összehangolva-Tuned in

2015 is a new milestone in the life of the Duo. Their recently released album does not spare surprises. Jazz meets folk under the flag of musical proficiency. The play of the duo moves on a vast scale from pianissimo to fortissimo, lose tacts to strict dance rhythms, rigorously defined themes to free improvisations, always full of passion and spirit.

  1.  Geampara 6:13
  2.  Csikorog a szekér 5:15
  3.  Legényes II. 7:02
  4.  Tonakan Par  5:07
  5.  Keren Shavo 7:05
  6.  Haszid tánc 7:37
  7.  Be szépen szól a cimbalom 7:58
  8.  Sunrise in Chennai  5:56
  9.  Szomorú vasárnap 4:32
    FolkEurópa Kiadó, 2015

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