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Roma Vándor

Hungary’s foremost cymbalom player and his musicians presenting live hot dance tunes from the Transylvanian mountains to the Black Sea.

  1.  Calusul 4:33
  2.  Cigány szinek 4:48
  3. Balkáni ízek 7:44
  4.  Hora de la Bim-Bim & Sirba 7:07
  5.  Villám csárdás 1:19
  6.  Trombita szvit  5.46
  7.  Bontsida tánc 4:50
  8.  Pacsirta 5:49
  9.  Bulgár cigány horo 6:18
    MW Records 1995

Calusul: A free interpretation of the music played at Romanian ‘costume dances’. The first part emphasizes the rhythmic and harmonic possibilities, lending it a rock’n’roll-like character. The fast part resembles a roaring galopp.

Cigány szinek:  A song about  the beautiful gipsy girl, improvised on Spanish, Hungarian and Romanian gipsy melodies in different music styles.

Balkáni ízek: Two Greek dance melodies featuring László Major on violin.

Hora de la Bim-Bim & Sirba:  A creative combination of the similar musical elements in the Central European dance of hora and sirba with rock’n’roll.

Villám csárdás:  A fiery presentation by young violinist Sándor Budai of urban gipsy music in this classic instrumental.

Trombita szvit:  From Transylvania to the Black Sea, there is a rich tradition of using wind instruments. Trumpet player Ferenc Kovács  takes the lead in these Romanian dance melodies.

Bontsida tánc:  A Transylvanian dance tunes from Bontsida with a slightly latin touch through the violin and cimbalom improvisations.

Pacsirta:  The famous gipsy traditional about the lark in a superb interpretation by the prímás of the band Sándor Budai.

Bulgár cigány horo: Modern gipsy music from Sofia with Turkish influences.

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